Best AI Quiz Generators

AI Quiz Generators

In today’s post, I am sharing with you a list of some of the best AI quiz generators out there. These tools offer a wide range of functionalities and cater to various needs, from educators and students seeking to enhance the learning experience to HR teams aiming to streamline their training processes. Each of these AI-powered quiz makers has been designed to transform and simplify the task of creating quizzes, making it possible to generate engaging and personalized assessments with just a few clicks.

However, as I have always emphasized, using any type of generative AI requires that you check the accuracy and appropriateness of the content it produces. While these tools are incredibly powerful, they are not infallible, and the ultimate responsibility for the content rests with the user. With that being said, here are our top picks for AI quiz generators, each with its unique features and capabilities that can significantly contribute to the educational and training landscapes.

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AI Quiz Generators

Here are our top picks for AI Quiz Generators:

1. kahoot AI Questions Generator

Kahoot has recently introduced its AI Question Generator, an innovative feature that is currently available exclusively to educators with a Kahoot!+ Max plan and to all users on Kahoot! EDU plans, providing them with a head start in exploring the benefits of AI in education.

Kahoot AI Question Generator is simple and easy to use.The process begins with a simple search for any topic within the Kahoot! creator. Following this, the platform’s generative AI takes over, meticulously crafting questions that align with the chosen subject. Whether starting a new kahoot from scratch or integrating the question generator into an existing quiz, the procedure is designed to be incredibly adaptable.

Kahoot AI Question Generator allows for the customization of AI-generated questions to ensure they fit seamlessly with your unique classroom language, thereby enabling the creation of a personalized quiz in just a few clicks. In its latest update, the AI has been fine-tuned to recommend the most appropriate types of questions for the content—ranging from sliders for quantitative inquiries to typed answers for identifying places or individuals.

2. Quizizz AI Quiz Maker

Quizizz AI Quiz Maker is another powerful AI quiz generator tool to try in your teaching. It leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of generative AI to work with the content you already have or to generate new content based on your suggestions. This versatile tool serves multiple roles: as an AI quiz generator, AI question generator, AI question enhancer, and an AI analysis tool. Its primary goal is to streamline the quiz creation process, allowing you more time to focus on what truly matters in the classroom—fostering meaningful relationships with your students and guiding them towards purposeful learning.

Currently, Quizizz AI is in its beta phase and is gradually being introduced to users in the US and Indonesia. Both the Quizizz AI Create feature, which enables the rapid creation of quizzes from virtually any content, and the Quizizz AI Enhance feature, which allows for the editing and improvement of quizzes or individual questions, are freely accessible in the US, Indonesia, Canada, Australia, and England.

3. AI Chatbots

AI chatbots, like ChatGPT, Jasper, Perplexity AI, and Google’s Genmini, are also great at generating quizzes, offering a dynamic and interactive way to engage users in learning activities. All you need to do is provide the bot with a topic or a specific set of instructions, and it can craft quizzes tailored to your educational goals.

For instance, you might ask ChatGPT to “Create a 10-question quiz on the American Civil War, including multiple-choice and true/false questions,” or tell Jasper to “Generate a challenging quiz about renewable energy sources for high school students.” These AI-powered tools are not only efficient in generating educational content but also adaptable to various difficulty levels and subjects, making them invaluable resources for educators and learners alike.

AI Quiz Generators

4. Fillout AI Quiz Maker

The Fillout AI Quiz Maker is another good tool to use to transform any text into an engaging, interactive quiz in mere seconds. The process is simple and easy: First, you input the content you’d like to convert into a quiz, such as a passage from a Wikipedia article. Next, hit the ‘Generate Quiz’ button and immediately test out the newly created quiz. If you feel the need to dive deeper, clicking ‘View quiz’ allows you to add additional questions, tweak the design, and customize various aspects of the quiz to your liking, all thanks to the comprehensive Fillout quiz editor.

Beyond its core functionality, the Fillout AI Quiz Maker is versatile, accommodating text lengths from 350 to 5000 characters. For those seeking to craft longer quizzes, the Quiz Maker Pro extension offers a solution. Moreover, it facilitates engagement with your audience by enabling the collection of emails or other forms of contact information directly through the quizzes you create.

5. Revisely

Revisely is another good option to try out for generating quizzes using the power of AI. Revisely’s Quiz Maker harnesses artificial intelligence to craft multiple-choice questions from virtually any content, including notes, textbooks, PDFs, or PowerPoint presentations. The process is straightforward: simply upload your study material in any format—be it a document, a picture, or text—and Revisely’s AI engine will transform it into a customized quiz.

After uploading your material, the next step is simply deciding whether to complete your quiz for immediate use or share it with an audience, which could be your classroom or a wider group of learners. The platform supports the generation of up to five quizzes for free, making it accessible for teachers and tutors operating on limited budgets. Additionally, Revisely’s support for over 50 languages broadens its applicability, enabling educators worldwide to create quizzes that resonate with their diverse student populations.

6. Quizbot

Quizbot is an innovative AI question generator, designed to help you create questions quickly and easily. Quizbot supports multiple versions of tests, each tailored to varying levels of difficulty. Its ability to generate questions from a wide range of inputs—including PDFs, Word documents, videos, pictures, links, topics, and audio files—ensures that educators have the flexibility to create diverse and engaging assessments.

Quizbot supports an array of question types such as Multiple Choice, Fill in the Blanks, True/False, Matching, and even questions based on Bloom’s Taxonomy, making it a comprehensive solution for all testing needs. Quizbot’s functionality extends to creating video-based questions, enabling educators to develop assessments that are not only text-based but also multimedia-driven.


Quizgecko is an AI-powered platform that supports the AI generation of quizzes, flashcards, and notes. The process of using Quizgecko is straightforward and user-friendly. It begins with the creation of quizzes and tests from existing content, utilizing AI to transform files such as PDFs, DOCs, and PPTs into comprehensive assessments.

The platform supports a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true or false, short answer essay, matching, and fill-in-the-blank, allowing for a customizable and diverse testing environment. Sharing and embedding these quizzes is effortless, enabling quick distribution among teams or students and facilitating engagement.

Quizgecko also includes performance analysis, providing reports and statistics that offer insights into individual and group performances. Its auto-grading feature for short answer questions, along with AI-powered feedback, helps learners understand their mistakes and guides them on how to improve, thereby enhancing the overall learning journey.

9. Questgen

Questgen is another AI quiz maker to try out. It allows you to instantly generate online quizzes—up to 150 from 100,000 words with just a single click. The process is simple: input any text up to 80,000 words, select your preferred type of quiz questions (be it Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), True/False, Fill-in-the-blank, or Higher Order Questioning and Answers (QA)), and hit the Submit button. This initiates the AI-driven process of generating a tailored quiz that aligns with the input text.

Once the quiz is generated, you have the flexibility to refine and customize the questions to better suit your specific requirements. This includes editing the quiz content and exporting it in various formats such as AIKEN, RESPONDUS, PDF, CSV, QTI 2.1, Moodle XML, GIFT, and JSON, among others.

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Final thoughts

To conclude, let me reiterate that while generative AI provides us with huge opportunities to enhance and personalize the learning experience, it is our responsibility as teachers, educators, and parents to ensure that the content generated aligns with our educational objectives and ethical standards. The AI tools I shared with you above are definitely time saviour. However, their effectiveness ultimately depends on our critical oversight and creative input. I hope you find this collection of AI quiz generators valuable for your teaching toolkit or organizational needs.

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