Best ChatGPT prompts for Teachers, topic 1; Erling Braut Haaland

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Prompts are brief instructions or suggestions given to ChatGPT to guide its responses and generate relevant and informative content.

I will attempt to ask different questions here and share my findings. Please add other useful prompts you see that would help teachers in their work. And the featured image was created by Bing at;

Working with texts

Prompts using Bing;

  • Write a long article about Erling Braut Haaland and his latest victories and how he ranks on the scoring list. Mention how he keeps fit and how many goals he scored.

Prompts using ChatGPT;

  • Use this text and write a multiple-choice task for understanding;
  • Use the text above and take out all the verbs except is. Use an X instead of the verbs. Then list the verbs
  • Translate the text to French, and take out all the verbs. Use an X instead of the verbs. Then list the verbs. ChatGPT was not able to substitute the verbs with X but did take them about and provided a list. That makes the assignment a little more complicated.
  • Explain the different forms the verbs are written in, in the text, and give examples.


Chatgpt does not have up-to-date information, which is why I used Bings Write to write the text for me. After that, I switched to ChatGPT because I generally think it gives better answers. You can see the results below:

Topic: Norwegian football star.

Erling Braut Haaland is a Norwegian football player who plays as a striker for Manchester City in the Premier League and the Norway national team. He is considered one of the best players in the world, and is known for his speed, strength, and finishing inside the box. He has set several international scoring records, such as being the first male Norwegian player to become the top scorer in the Champions League with 10 goals in 2021 .

Haaland X born in Leeds, England, where his father Alf-Inge Håland played for Leeds United. He moved to Bryne, Norway, when he X three years old, and started his football career at Bryne FK. He then joined Molde FK in 2017, where he X his breakthrough under manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær. He X 14 goals in 39 games for Molde before transferring to Red Bull Salzburg in 2019 .

At Salzburg, Haaland X a sensation, scoring 17 goals in 16 games in the Austrian Bundesliga, and eight goals in six games in the Champions League group stage. He X interest from several European clubs, and eventually signed for Borussia Dortmund in January 2020 .

At Dortmund, Haaland X his prolific form, scoring 62 goals in 67 games in all competitions. He X the DFB-Pokal with Dortmund in 2021, and was named the Bundesliga Player of the Month four times. He also X the fastest player to score 20 goals in the Champions League, doing so in only 14 games .

In August 2022, Haaland X Manchester City for a reported fee of €150 million. He X an immediate impact at his new club, scoring nine goals in his first five Premier League games. He was named the Premier League Player of the Month for August 2022 .

Haaland X his debut for the Norway national team in September 2019, and has since scored 21 goals in 23 games. He X the record for most goals scored by a player in a single FIFA U-20 World Cup game, with nine against Honduras in 2019 .

Haaland is known for his physical attributes and his goal-scoring ability. He is able to run at high speeds, hold off defenders with his strength, and finish with both feet and his head. He is also good at creating chances for his teammates with his passing and movement. He X been compared to former players such as Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović .

Haaland keeps fit by following a strict diet and training regime. He avoids alcohol and junk food, and eats mostly lean meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits. He also X a lot of water and takes supplements to boost his performance. He X every day, both with his club and on his own. He X on his speed, agility, endurance, and technique.

Multiple Choice Task:

  1. Who is Erling Braut Haaland?

a. A Norwegian tennis player
b. A Norwegian football player
c. A Norwegian ice hockey player
d. A Norwegian basketball player

  1. What position does Haaland play in football?

a. Defender
b. Midfielder
c. Striker
d. Goalkeeper

  1. What records has Haaland set in the Champions League?

a. He has scored 10 goals in 2021
b. He has scored 20 goals in 14 games
c. He has won the Champions League four times
d. He has never played in the Champions League

  1. Where did Haaland have his breakthrough in football?

a. Bryne FK
b. Red Bull Salzburg
c. Molde FK
d. Manchester City

  1. What is Haaland known for?

a. His speed, strength, and finishing inside the box
b. His passing and movement
c. His defensive abilities
d. His agility and endurance

  1. What former players has Haaland been compared to?

a. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo
b. Diego Maradona and Pelé
c. Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović
d. Neymar and Mbappé

  1. How does Haaland keep fit?

a. By following a strict diet and training regime
b. By drinking alcohol and eating junk food
c. By not exercising at all
d. By taking performance-enhancing drugs


  1. b. A Norwegian football player
  2. c. Striker
  3. a. He has scored 10 goals in 2021
  4. c. Molde FK
  5. a. His speed, strength, and finishing inside the box
  6. c. Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimović
  7. a. By following a strict diet and training regime


  • plays
  • is
  • considered
  • known
  • has set
  • was born
  • moved
  • started
  • joined
  • scored
  • transferring
  • became
  • attracted
  • signed
  • continued
  • won
  • named
  • holds
  • is able
  • finishes
  • creating
  • has been compared
  • keeps
  • avoids
  • eats
  • drinks
  • trains
  • works

Erling Braut Haaland est un joueur de football norvégien qui joue en tant qu’attaquant pour Manchester City dans la Premier League et l’équipe nationale de Norvège. Il considéré comme l’un des meilleurs joueurs au monde et connu pour sa vitesse, sa force et son fini à l’intérieur de la surface de réparation. Il établi plusieurs records de buts internationaux, comme étant le premier joueur norvégien masculin à devenir le meilleur buteur de la Ligue des champions avec 10 buts en 2021.

Haaland à Leeds, en Angleterre, où son père Alf-Inge Håland pour Leeds United. Il à Bryne, en Norvège, à l’âge de trois ans et a sa carrière de football à Bryne FK. Il Molde FK en 2017, où il une percée sous la direction d’Ole Gunnar Solskjær. Il 14 buts en 39 matchs pour Molde avant de au Red Bull Salzbourg en 2019.

À Salzbourg, Haaland une sensation, 17 buts en 16 matchs en Bundesliga autrichienne et huit buts en six matchs en phase de groupes de la Ligue des champions. Il l’intérêt de plusieurs clubs européens et finalement pour le Borussia Dortmund en janvier 2020.

À Dortmund, Haaland sa forme prolifique, 62 buts en 67 matchs dans toutes les compétitions. Il la DFB-Pokal avec Dortmund en 2021 et joueur du mois de la Bundesliga quatre fois. Il également le joueur le plus rapide à 20 buts en Ligue des champions, ne le qu’en 14 matchs.

En août 2022, Haaland Manchester City pour un montant signalé de 150 millions d’euros. Il un impact immédiat dans son nouveau club, neuf buts lors de ses cinq premiers matchs de Premier League. Il joueur du mois de la Premier League pour août 2022.

Haaland ses débuts pour l’équipe nationale de Norvège en septembre 2019 et depuis 21 buts en 23 matchs. Il le record du nombre de buts marqués par un joueur lors d’un seul match de la Coupe du monde U-20 de la FIFA, avec neuf contre le Honduras en 2019.

Haaland pour ses attributs physiques et sa capacité à marquer des buts. Il capable de courir à grande vitesse, de les défenseurs avec sa force et de avec les deux pieds et sa tête. Il également pour créer des chances pour ses coéquipiers avec ses passes et ses mouvements. Il à d’anciens joueurs tels que Ronaldo et Zlatan Ibrahimović.

Haaland en forme en suivant un régime alimentaire strict et un régime d’entraînement. Il l’alcool et la malbouffe et principalement de la viande maigre, du poisson, des légumes et des fruits.

Liste des verbes :

  • jouer
  • considérer
  • être
  • connaître
  • établir
  • devenir
  • marquer
  • transférer
  • attirer
  • signer
  • poursuivre
  • remporter
  • nommer
  • comparer
  • rester
  • suivre
  • éviter
  • manger

Vocabulaire difficile pour les étudiants étrangers apprenant le français :

  • attaquant


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