Can technology help schools prevent AI-based cheating?

Can technology help schools prevent AI-based cheating?

Dennis Pierce, eSchool News, Apr 14, 2023


I guess the embargo much be over because all the news outlets that depend on company press releases for content have run the TurnItIn article. Not only students, but also professors are now being accused by AI systems of cheating. But it’s not so simply as using an AI to detect AI-based plagiarism and punishing the student. What if the AI is wrong? It can be shown to be, but it’s hard. Consider the case in which "¬†shared a Google document history of his exam writing that showed proof he didn’t use AI and a slew of research on the fallibility of GPTZero and other AI detection tools." The plagiarism detection companies, of course, say they don’t want educators to make judgements based on the tool. "We really don’t want anyone making definitive academic decisions out of our detector," said Edward Tian, creator¬†of AI detection tool GPTZero. "The nature of AI-generated content is changing constantly." But what exactly are instructors supposed to do with this information? The fact is, the algorithm renders a judgement which th student must now disprove in order to be found innocent – the exact opposite of what we would consider fair and just.

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April 14, 2023 at 09:46PM