Synthetic human embryos created in groundbreaking advance

Scientists have created synthetic human embryos using stem cells, in a groundbreaking advance that sidesteps the need for eggs or sperm. Scientists say these model embryos, which resemble those in the earliest stages of human development, could provide a crucial window on the impact of genetic disorders and the biological …

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Cornel West for prophet! (Not president.)

(RNS) — I could’ve sworn that — years ago — Cornel West told an interviewer he’d never run for president of the United States, because his role as a self-styled prophet was to speak truth to state power, not wield it himself. Nevertheless, on Monday (June 5), the 70-year-old scholar-activist …

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A Utah school district has removed the Bible from some schools’ shelves

After a parent’s complaint, a school district in Utah banned the Bible from middle and elementary schools for containing "vulgarity or violence" inappropriate for the age group. (Image credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images) Title: A Utah school district has removed the Bible from some schools’ shelves URL: Source: NPR Topics: …

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The Four Republican “Freedoms”

For the NY Times, Jamelle Bouie takes a look at the legislation that Republicans around the country are pushing and, in the style of FDR’s Four Freedoms speech, outlines what goals they are attempting to achieve. There is the freedom to control — to restrict the bodily autonomy of women …

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Introducing The Explanation

On a mission to make sense of the world. A new podcast, with hosts John Simpson and Claire Graham. Episodes released weekly from 20 May 2023. Title: Introducing The Explanation URL: Source: The Documentary Podcast Source URL: Date: May 20, 2023 at 01:48PM Feedly Board(s): Englisch