ChatGPT can now access the internet

Chat GPT has received a major update that’s worth celebrating. The latest enhancement now enables Chat GPT to connect to the internet, opening up a world of opportunities for users. This should avoid the issues I’ve found with the AI tool when trying to get academic references and papers. With an internet connection, it should no longer hallucinate reference sources.

If you’re a Chat GPT Plus user, here’s a quick guide on how to enable this feature.

To get started, log in to Chat GPT and access the settings menu by clicking on the three dots icon. Look for the “beta features” option and click on it. Inside, you’ll find the toggle to enable web browsing. Simply switch it on to enable web access

Once internet access is enabled, launch Chat GPT and activate the browsing feature by clicking on the corresponding icon. Now, Chat GPT will have the ability to access the internet during your interactions.

This new update brings several benefits. With internet access, Chat GPT can analyze share performance, provide reference lists for academic papers, and summarize news articles. It’s a powerful addition that expands the capabilities of Chat GPT and makes it an invaluable tool for various tasks.

Give it a try! Explore the enhanced features of Chat GPT with internet access and see for yourself.

It’s an exciting update that empowers users with a versatile AI assistant. Unlock new possibilities and take your Chat GPT experience to the next level.

ChatGPT can now access the internet
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Title: ChatGPT can now access the internet
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Date: June 11, 2023 at 06:54AM
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