Chatterbox #301 – Queen Elizabeth II

Chatterbox #301 – Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II was an important figure both in Britain and around the world. She was the longest-reigning monarch in British history and died at the age of 96 on September 8th, 2022. In this episode, Andrew and Anna talk about the Queen’s life and her legacy. Tune in to learn more about one of the most famous women in the world!

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Fun facts

Royal funerals are planned out in advance, but did you know that Queen Elisabeth’s funeral had been in preparation since the 1960s? The plan was called “Operation London Bridge”, and the code phrase for the Queen’s death was “London Bridge is down”.

Expressions included in the study guide

  • Well-off
  • Fair share
  • By no means
  • The dust settles
  • Top Trumps
  • Down to a T/tee

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