Full IKEA product lineup now viewable in 3D within Google Search

Full IKEA product lineup now viewable in 3D within Google Search


You may be aware of the growing list of 3D objects and animals that you can view in Google Search using AR. Well, that has now expanded as the full IKEA catalogue can be viewed in 3D when searching Google.

With over 10,000 products to choose from, IKEA has one of the most extensive home furniture and furnishing stores on the planet. Each individual item has a corresponding Swedish name that often makes little sense to English speakers, but if you search for an IKEA product using Google, you’ll now have the option to view said item in 3D.

Previously, you would need to use the dedicated IKEA Place app to see items in 3D. This app does allow you to view items in augmented reality but is still currently only available on iOS. It’s not exactly clear when this function was added to Search, but a number of retailers have partnered with Google to add inventory lists to Search that allows you to view items in 3D space before purchase. At least since launching, the pool of retailers offering a 3D look at products has been small.

Searching for an IKEA item such as “BROR trolley” on mobile will show a “View in 3D” toggle beneath the corresponding web store listing. Although this is not as prominent as the more direct integration with animals and education AR models, it does work in much the same way. Tapping will open up the item in a plain 3D space with a further button allowing you to “View in your space.”

All of the IKEA items visible in 3D within Google Search are shown to scale when you choose this option. This is useful as you get a real indication of just how something will or would look in your home. As such, there is no option to rescale items like Google’s existing 3D animals and objects.

Sadly, the immensely popular IKEA food is not viewable in Google’s 3D view portal. You can place items in your immediate vicinity to see just what a couch, chair, or any other item would look like in your home. This might help save time and frustration if you are contemplating an order.

IKEA has over 450 stores dotted in 53 counties around the globe but often charges exorbitant shipping costs for even small items. Being able to view the entire IKEA catalogue in 3D and AR within Google Search before making a purchase or visiting stores in person might be a great time and money saver.

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April 17, 2023 at 11:11AM