Google Docs voice typing coming to Safari, Edge

Google is expanding availability of voice typing in Docs beyond desktop Chrome to Safari and Microsoft Edge to allow for “more inclusive and accessible user interactions.”

In Google Docs, you can use your voice to type and edit. Go to Tools > Voice typing to bring up the floating microphone. Google says to “speak clearly, at a normal volume and pace.”

Beyond dictation, voice commands let you add punctuation, select text, format, edit (cut/copy/paste/etc.), move around, and even add tables. 

If you make a mistake while you’re typing with your voice, you can move your cursor to the mistake and fix it without turning off the microphone.

In Google Slides, voice typing can be used to add speaker notes. Automatic captions when a speaker is talking during a presentation is also seeing expanded browser availability.

After enabling voice typing and captions, the browser “controls the speech-to-text service, determines how speech is processed, and then sends text data to Google Docs and Google Slides.”

Voice typing and automatic captions are available for all users, including “Google Workspace customers, Google Workspace Individual subscribers, and users with personal Google accounts.”

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Title: Google Docs voice typing coming to Safari, Edge
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Date: May 23, 2024 at 09:48PM
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