Here’s what ChatGPT allegedly looks like on Microsoft Bing [Gallery]

Here’s what ChatGPT allegedly looks like on Microsoft Bing [Gallery]

The arrival of ChatGPT has led to a “code red” within Google and big changes on their way, but as reported last month, it seems Microsoft Bing will beat Google to the punch by simply integrating ChatGPT itself. Here’s what that will apparently look like.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Microsoft had plans to bolster its Bing search engine with ChatGPT by building on an ongoing agreement with GPT. At the time, the integration was expected to arrive as soon as March, but it was unclear what it might look like.

Now, Twitter user Owen Yin claims to have had ChatGPT go live within Microsoft Bing in what seems to be a limited test.

In a deeper post on Medium, Yin explains that the test was only live for a brief time before being shut off. The experience was referred to as the “new Bing” by Microsoft. Screenshots provided by Yin show a revamped Bing interface which includes an “ask me anything” box with a 1,000-character limit. From there, Bing responds like a chat bot, with a question-and-answer format. As messages are shown, Bing cites its sources below.

However, the new Bing interface still allows for access to traditional search results, with a tabbed interface allowing users to switch back and forth.

It seems Microsoft still isn’t completely finished with this new experience, as the “” URL shown during the brief look leads to an error page. But, presumably, it’s not too far off.

Google, meanwhile, is also working on new AI concepts for Search, with an event scheduled for next week.

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February 3, 2023 at 05:14PM