In the Bing Chat Preview? Try out these queries to see what it can do

In the Bing Chat Preview? Try out these queries to see what it can do

Many people don’t know the true potential of Bing Chat and what it can do. It’s a hidden gem that sets itself apart from ChatGPT, with a plethora of content waiting to be discovered. Deiniolb, a Twitter user, talked about his experience with the new Bing Chat and how to converse with it – so don’t miss out on the chance to get sneaky tips right here.

Ask Bing for research-backed tips from a renowned doctor

Having difficulty falling asleep? We understand the correlation between stress levels and sleep quality. To improve your sleep, try speaking with the New Bing, which can provide research-backed tips from renowned doctor Andrew Huberman on how to achieve more restful slumber. All you have to do is type “Research Dr. Andrew Huberman and then provide you with his top recommendations on how to sleep effectively” and let the chatbot do its thing.

Create quality content for your business

If you’d like to create content for your business that replicates the tone and works of an expert in the field, you can start by asking Bing to research the expert’s output (Alex Hormozi in this instance) on Twitter and YouTube, craft five hypothetical titles (like here the source has mentioned how to sell ice to Eskimos) in the same style of the said expert. Alternatively, you can utilize this same strategy to emulate the works of another expert in your industry.

How to talk to the New Bing

Ask Bing to search through movie databases

You can ask Bing to search through movie databases and furnish a chart of five movies regarding Artificial Intelligence, along with related director names, IMDb, and Rotten Tomatoes ratings, as well as where they can currently be viewed.

Help with content marketing

Bing can also lend its insights to inform your content marketing stratagem, facilitating the formation of content targeted to garner enhanced website traffic through targeted keyword research.

how to talk to The New Bing

Provide detailed insights about the best restaurants

This weekend, have the Bing chatbot research Google Maps, Bing, and Tripadvisor to find the best Italian restaurant options in New York. Request five recommendations with a rating of at least 4.5 stars, and ask the chatbot to provide the name, address, rating, and phone number for each restaurant.

Can create Scalable Vector Graphics

Bing’s chatbot capabilities extend to the creation of simple Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs). To do so, simply request that the chatbot create an SVG.

Summarize papers

You can use Bing to summarise papers. For example, you can ask the chatbot to locate and read the paper “On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies” and provide a summary in easily understandable language.

These discoveries demonstrate the underrated potential of The New Bing. What are your views on this, let us know in the comments section below.

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March 15, 2023 at 04:21PM