Jack Dorsey Warns Wall-E May Be Our Future

If society and technology continue to advance on its current path, pretty soon we’ll all be lazy blobs watching AR and drinking out of straws, like in the Pixar movie Wall-E.

At least that’s what Twitter founder Jack Dorsey thinks.

In a recent interview with YouTube news channel Breaking Points, the tech billionaire expressed his concerns about the potential consequences of mixed reality headsets like the Apple Vision Pro. Dorsey fears that these technological marvels could transform humanity into a lethargic mess.

In the Pixar film, humans live aboard a spaceship controlled by artificial intelligence. Having grown accustomed to a life of convenience, people abandon physical activity and work, instead indulging in incessant consumption.

WALL-E: The Criterion Collection's first Pixar movie essentially invented the iPad.

Dorsey said: “That’s the future we’re driving towards — with everyone in the floating chairs, drinking their food out of straws, and constant 24/7 entertainment.”

While Dorsey acknowledges the inevitability and potential wonders of virtual reality, particularly in gaming, he foresees serious problems once it gains widespread popularity, akin to the impact smartphones have had on society.

“I’m super worried and concerned with how out of touch it might make people and how it distances us further,” Dorsey said. “You can see that the whole world is headed this way, and I want to believe that there’s a different answer. So it’s going to happen. I’m skeptical about some of the benefits, and I hope we can have an honest conversation around some of the harms of more and more social distancing.”

Apple recently announced the upcoming release of its highly anticipated Reality Pro headset, projected to hit the market at a staggering $3,499 price tag. (Subsequent tech rumors indicate lower-priced options are being worked on, much like there are several price levels for the iPhone.)

Apple’s mixed reality device combines virtual reality with augmented reality, allowing users to interact with apps, games, web and messages while still perceiving the surrounding environment. Alternatively, users can immerse themselves in fully virtual experiences, enjoying movies or playing games.

However, this tantalizing prospect also serves as a reminder of Dorsey’s cautionary words. As the price inevitably drops, the widespread adoption of mixed reality headsets may inadvertently accelerate the trajectory towards a WALL-E-esque dystopian future.

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