Look Out for Jesus During This Year’s Super Bowl Commericals

This year’s Super Bowl will feature at least three faith-based commercials from He Gets Us and Hallow.

He Gets Us began releasing black-and-white ads during the Super Bowl last year. This year, they’re changing things up with a colorful 60-second spot that will appear in the first quarter, followed by a 15-second spot in the second half. According to Greg Miller, a spokesman for the campaign, both ads “will emphasize loving our neighbors like Jesus did, encouraging people to respect and serve each other.”

Hallow, a prayer and meditation app, will also drop a commercial featuring some familiar faces: Mark Wahlberg (Father Stu) and Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen).

Wahlberg will also help lead Hallow’s Pray40 prayer challenge, which begins on Ash Wednesday on Feb. 14.

“The goal at Hallow has always been to reach out to as many folks as possible, both those who take their faith seriously and especially those who might have fallen away, and invite them deeper into a relationship with God. When we learned about the timing of the Big Game this year, we couldn’t have been more excited to work with Mark and Jonathan to use it as an opportunity to invite millions into prayer,”  said Alex Jones, Hallow’s CEO and co-founder (not the other Alex Jones).

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