The Most Popular Show On Netflix Is A Mini-Series About Moses

A new three-part docudrama about the life of Moses is currently the No. 1 streaming show on Netflix.

Testament: The Story of Moses follows the life of Moses from his exile as an outcast to eventual prophet and leader. Narrated by actor Charles Dance (Game of Thrones), the series also weaves in expert interviews to go deeper into Moses’ story, providing further detail about one of the Bible’s most central figures.

“Anyone who has seen The Ten Commandments as a child was well aware of the more epic elements of the tale,” producers Emre Sahin and Kelly McPherson said. “The burning bush, the plagues, Passover, the Red Sea, and, of course, the Ten Commandments. What really drew us in was the mystery of Moses’ inner life, his struggles with his own identity, his self-doubt, his humanness.”

It’s a fairly surprising show to land at the top of Netflix’s list. The other top shows of the week include everything from trashy reality TV (Buying Beverly Hills) to foul-mouthed dramas (The Gentlemen) to raunchy stand-ups (Dave Attell: Hot Cross Buns). Testament, on the other hand is none of those things. It’s a new kind of Netflix series, and one that we hope to see more of.

All three episodes of Testament: The Story of Moses are streaming now on Netflix.

Title: The Most Popular Show On Netflix Is A Mini-Series About Moses
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Date: April 5, 2024 at 12:16AM
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