A Baker’s Dozen of Mastodon Tools for You

A month and a day ago I wrote about MastoGizmos.com, my collection of tools to search and browse #Mastodon. At the time there were eight tools. Now that TweetDeck has vanished behind a paywall and people are talking about social media options again, I wanted to remind you about MastoGizmos and let you know that the site now has thirteen gizmos — JavaScript-driven, one-page apps — for searching and browsing Mastodon. They’re all free, ad-free, and will work on your phone.

Here’s what they are:


A screenshot of MastoTrends. It's showing six "cards" of information about trending news stories. The layout is just CSS so I think you should be able to see it okay if you're visually-impaired. If that's not the case please let me know.

https://mastogizmos.com/mtrends.html — MastoTrends polls the Instances.Social API, selects ten large instances at random, pulls their trending link lists, and displays them to you.


A screenshot showing results from MastoWindow. In this case there's a search for the hashtag #botany showing results about a new species from Vietnam, a botany quiz, and I think an announcement.

https://mastogizmos.com/mw.html — Find Mastodon instances by language via Instances.Social, then browse them individually for hashtags. If you want a slow way to get into Mastodon, this is for you. It brings you to explore and browse one instance at a time. (Many of the tools on MastoGizmos are designed to search multiple instances at a time.)

Hashtag Harvest

A screenshot of the first part of Hashtag Harvest. In this case the hashtag searched for was Mastodon, and related hashtags found include fediverse, Twitter, science, johnmastodon, etc.

This is the bottom part of Hashtag Harvest's results, showing accounts that posted several times in search results for the hashtag Mastodon.

https://mastogizmos.com/hh.html — Hashtag Harvest gives you related hashtags for a hashtag you specify. It does this by querying four large Mastodon Instances for your hashtag and aggregating the other hashtags that appear in the results. In addition, Hashtag Harvest also shows you frequently-posting accounts and their details from the search results.

KebberCloud Mastodon

This is a result from KebberCloud Mastodon, showing a tag cloud of the hashtag search "botany" on the instance infosec.exchange. Hashtags include ecology, nature, trees, science, wildlife, biodiversity, etc.

https://mastogizmos.com/kcm.html — KebberCloud Mastodon makes tag clouds out of hashtag search results of individual instances. (The instances are generated via an Instances.social call, so you don’t have to supply your own.) Click on a tag in a cloud to open a instance search for that tag in a new tab.

Gift Article Gazette

A screenshot of Gift Article Gazette, showing a gift article from The New York Times called "For an Atlanta Reporter, a Trump Scoop Long in the Making."

https://mastogizmos.com/gag.html — Gift Article Gazette automatically aggregates articles with the hashtag #GiftArticle across the largest Mastodon instances and displays them to you in a list. Articles are listed by the number of shares and expire after two weeks, so the list changes frequently.


Screenshot showing results for the MastoWindow2 search. The search is for the hashtag RSS and the results are showing for 251 instances.

https://mastogizmos.com/mw2.html — Search for a hashtag across hundreds of Mastodon instances at a time. If you’re searching for an at least marginally-popular hashtag you are going to get LOTS of results.

Two-Hashtag Mastodon

A screenshot showing Two-Hashtag Mastodon. At the top is a search box with inputs for the first and second hashtag you're searching. In this case the search was for the hashtags "rss" and "Mastodon" across 394 instances. 79 results were found.

https://mastogizmos.com/2tags.html — Just what is says on the tin. Searches across hundreds of Mastodon instances for two hashtags at a time. Does not display in order of date and does not display images from posts.

Mastodon Social Signal Search

A screenshot from the Mastodon Social Signal Search. There's a hashtag search box at the top and three dropdowns to let you limit your results by a minimum number of replies, reposts, and favorites (up to 4 of each.) Three cards below show a few of the many search results.

https://mastogizmos.com/msss.html — Mastodon Social Signal Search lets you filter your results by a minimum number of replies/reposts/favorites. How many instances you search across depends on how many options you’re using to filter – it ranges from 10 to 130.

Madeline’s Mastodon Search

A screenshot of Madeline's Mastodon Search. The search filters by verified users, breaks the verification out by domain, and presents it to you in a drop-down list so you end up running a search and then reviewing the verified users by domain.

https://mastogizmos.com/mms.html — Madeline’s Mastodon Search lets you  hashtag search across Mastodon and return results only from those users who have verified at least one link in their Mastodon profile. Verified users are listed by the domain they used to verify. Anybody can verify their links on Mastodon, it’s not a top-down process like it is on Twitter or Facebook.

Mastodon Web Space Search 

A screenshot from the Mastodon Web space search, showing the results for a keyword search by instance (science) with a list of instances and checkboxes, ready to be selected and bundled into a Google search.

https://mastogizmos.com/mwss.html — I quite like Mastodon’s search restrictions to hashtags, but many users don’t. Mastodon Web Space Search lets you search for Mastodon instances on Instances.Social and bundle the instances you find into a Google search. This lets you do full-text searches if you must (assuming the instance is allowing itself to be indexed on Google.)

Mastodon Username Helper

A screenshot showing the results from Mastodon Username Helper. It lists the instance name, profile page URL, RSS feed, hashtag feeds, etc.

https://mastogizmos.com/muh.html — Mastodon usernames can be confusing if you’re not used to decentralized social media. Enter your user name and Mastodon Username Helper will show you your instance name, profile page URL, where your accounts RSS feed can be located, and even where your instance’s hashtag RSS feed is located.

Wikipedia Mastodon Thing

A screesnhot of results for Wikipedia Mastodon Thing. A search for NASA has several results, including for the National Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Space Telescope Science Institute, and a couple of researchers.

https://mastogizmos.com/wmt.html — Wikidata has, among its thousands of data points, a parameter for Mastodon addresses. Wikimedia Mastodon Thing allows you to keyword search Wikipedia and find pages/people with Mastodon addresses.


A screenshot of RSStodon, which generates RSS feeds for a hashtag. The first text entry is for two-letter language code, and the second text entry is for the hashtag you want to get feeds for.

https://mastogizmos.com/rdon2.html — RSStodon lets you specify a hashtag and a language, and automatically generates on OPML file of RSS feeds for your hashtag across the 10 largest instances using the language you specify. If you want to do some basic Mastodon monitoring without joining an instance, here you go.



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