C2: Reading & Vocabulary – My Friend Kevin

This is a lesson plan designed for C2 students in which they read a text about a man and his impulsive friend Kevin. It’s designed for students preparing for Cambridge C2 Proficiency exam as it offers some exam practice for reading part 7 and introduces some expressions that may appear in use of English part 4. Download the student handout and answer key below:

The lesson procedure is pretty straightforward:

  1. Pre-reading: students are introduced to the characters and predict what might happen in the story.
  2. Gist reading: students read the text quickly to check if their predictions were correct.
  3. Detailed reading/exam practice: students read again and complete the reading part 7 task.
  4. Vocabulary focus: students discuss the meaning of the expressions in bold, make a note of them and then test each other.
  5. Recall: students turn the handout over and attempt to recall the expressions using version 2 as a prompt. This replicates what they’re required to do in use of English part 4.
  6. Part 4 practice: students cover the text and attempt the key word transformation questions. Alternatively, these could be set for homework.
  7. React & Extend: students react to the text and attempt to continue it with their ideas about what Kevin and the narrator got up to next.

Title: C2: Reading & Vocabulary – My Friend Kevin
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