ChatGPT for Educators

ChatGPT for Educators

Jessica Adams, Google Slides, Jan 09, 2023


Over the last week there has been a second wave of articles about chatGPT, these all focused on chatGPT for educators. I’ll summarize them in this post, starting with this slide show by Jessica Adams, et al. Or you could start with this slide show by Torrey Trust. chatGPT "may be the best thing for education since the ballpoint pen," says Doug Peterson. By contrast, the all out rejection of this tech is appealing to Autumn Caines "as it seems tied to dark ideologies." Minimally, there should be ground rules for the robot wars, says Brenna Gray.

Still, "You know it’s time to start re-thinking our kids‘ future!" says Marc Prensky. "Prepare for many of your old ideas about learning to die." Andrew Herft, meanwhile, shares a teachers‘ prompt guide to chaGPT. People creating content might want to review Tamilore Oladipo’s "six ways AI already supports content creation and which tools are leading the charge." Lindsey Downs previews WCET’s upcoming work looking at the impact of AI on education (and yes, I did read Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine as a child). Kasey Short on Middleweb discusses how to introduce chatGPT to your classroom. Final warning, though: "We’re about to drown in a sea of pedestrian takes. An explosion of noise that will drown out any signal."

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January 9, 2023 at 09:43PM