Hands-on with Linearity Move, a simplified animator for everyone [Video]

Linearity has recently launched a new app and service named Linearity Move, aiming to improve usability and functionality in the motion graphics sector. Building on the success of Linearity Curve, this software is aimed at enabling marketing and design teams to convert static designs into animations directly, with the goal of improving in-house production efficiency and reducing costs.

Transforming animation accessibility

Linearity Move is clearly aiming to shake things up for graphic designers and marketers. The tool is user-friendly and equipped with several powerful features, designed to assist in creating digital content. Linearity Move aims to simplify the animation process, targeting users who may find traditional animation software intimidating. The software is built to be accessible and fun, encouraging users to explore animating their designs without the usual hassle.

Linearity has a history of building tools for graphic designers, having originally developed Vectornator, a free vector graphics software for Mac and iPad, which gained a significant fan base by offering a free alternative to Adobe Illustrator. Last year, Vectornator was rebranded as Linearity Curve and transitioned to a freemium model, still providing free users with ample functionality. The introduction of Linearity Move expanded Linearity’s offering into a small suite of design software.

Key features:

  • Effortless animation: Converts static assets to dynamic motion graphics, making animations accessible for all designers.
  • Significant cost reduction: Slashes animation costs by 90% and quadruples production speed.
  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly on Mac and iPad, integrating easily with Figma, Adobe Illustrator, and Linearity Curve.

Aligning with current marketing needs

As digital marketing’s hunger for dynamic visuals grows, Linearity Move emerges as an option aimed at slashing the time and money usually sunk into motion graphics. It’s all about letting teams craft animated stories that boost website engagement and stand out online.

The game-changer here is the ‘Auto Animate’ feature, which speeds up turning designs into animated clips. Thanks to a user-friendly setup and over 25 animation presets, what once needed days and a pro can now be wrapped up in minutes or hours by someone just starting out.

Creating slick motion graphics has traditionally been a pricey venture, demanding deep skills and a thick wallet. Costs could swing wildly – simple stuff might set you back $500 to $5,000, while the fancier projects leap to between $10,000 and $50,000. Even a brief 30-second clip could cost you upwards of $1,500. These steep prices spotlight the pressing need for a more wallet-friendly, accessible way to make motion graphics, particularly for social media where the thirst for eye-catching animations never ends.

How Linearity Move can be used

Linearity Move changes the approach to motion graphics, making it accessible to those with no prior experience in the field. Designed to simplify complex animation tasks, it transforms the process into something akin to a straightforward video edit. This feature-rich platform is ideal for creators familiar with video and photo editing, providing an intuitive transition to motion graphics, while also remaining approachable for beginners.

With Linearity Move, each graphic segment is intelligently designed for animation. Users can animate specific aspects of their projects using an array of presets, which allows for adjustments in animation duration, color changes, movements, and opacities. It offers an infinite canvas for creativity, enabling users to bring any concept to life. Furthermore, the compatibility with iPad and Apple Pencil enhances the user experience by facilitating more precise movements and edits. This combination of features and ease of use significantly lowers the barrier to entry into the world of motion graphics, opening up new creative possibilities. Lastly, the integration it has with Linearity Curve makes it extremely easy and efficient to go from a static edit in Linearity Curve to a dynamic one in Linearity Move.

Pricing, availability & final thoughts

Linearity Move is all about smashing those barriers that keep people from diving into creative animations. It’s super intuitive UI/UX and a ton of built-in features really make it stand out from the crowd. Plus, getting started is totally free, which is a massive win.

With its Starter tier, you’re not boxed in by features; you’re just capped on how much you can produce, which is perfect for learning the ropes without spending a dime. If you’re looking to level up, the Pro Tier offers 8k exporting and unlimited output for less than $100 a year. To put that in perspective, a hundred bucks used to get you maybe a 10-second animation from a freelancer. Now, you can crank out high-quality animations on your own, again and again. It’s available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone too.

In wrapping up, Linearity Move seems like a game-changer for making motion graphics accessible to everyone, regardless of skill. It’s hitting the digital marketing scene with the promise of easy-to-make, eye-catching animations. Definitely one to watch as it shakes things up in creative content.

Download Linearity Move now.

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